Stream City

This design fiction envisions a urban space based on the idea of transience and transient ownership. Transience refers to what is mobile, transitory, and ephemeral, and so are the characteristics which define Stream city.

This place aims to provoke an experience: to detach oneself from things and to live temporarily according to anarchistic values, such as an attitude of collaboration between inhabitants.

They use water proof Stream Coats during their journey and Stream Jets to glide the air and the city's magnetic fluxes. inhabitants are free to bind mobile and temporary relationships with the city infrastructures.

The scenario is inspired by solarpunk ideas and it suggests an alternative to the transience generated by digital platforms systems which tend abstract customers' ownership.

Graduation project Contextual Design,
world-building, system-thinking, film-making, VR experience

Stream City
Stream Jet-01 1
Magnetic Ring
Transient Structures
Transient soil