The Story of Life

Atheris Chlorechis is an arboreal snake which lives in sub-tropical rainforests in West Africa. With no urgent needs to solve, my duty as a designer was to tackle one of the snake's desire: to live on water. Indeed, rainforests are often situated close to rivers. What if Atheris could live on water?

Thus, the goal was to design a floating structure for the snake to undertake a journey on rivers by taking inspiration from the working methods of the land artist Andy Goldworthy.

To shift the natural habitat raises a lot of crucial question for the animal's survival. Numerous models were created to solve these issues and for finding the structure's features. Many models were failures or dead-ends. Answers and new directions emerged from that. The final structure combines the most relevant characteristics generated during the iterative process.

Nervertheless, the final structure calls for further research and design because it raises anew complex questions.

object design,
55.2cm × 65cm × 75cm

Atheris Chlorechis portrait, Thomas Eimermacher
Model floating
Structure on ground
Structure sinkin?