Fortune Piazza

With digitization of money, banks were only steps away from tapping into the possibilities of virtual environments. This speculative design explores a scenario of a virtual banking space and challenges the notion of money being a thing of the past.

Fortune Piazza is an architecture which strives to provide a setting for decentralized banking and finance. The virtual environment reconsiders banks as places for visualization and conversation about digital and physical economies. It also functions as a hub for professionals and clients.

Classical forms were chosen to create an echoing memory of wealth, power and stability traditional banks once portrayed. They form a contrasted articulation with digital, mineral and fluidic forms.

This team work with Harish Vijay Karthick was made during a workshop led by Futurly.

speculative architecture, VR experience, world-building, conceptual design

Fortune Piazza
Fortune Piazza Entrance
Fortune Piazza Interior
Diagram Piazza